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Team Ecurie Great Falls


DRIVER: Jon Walter

CO-DRIVER: Blair St. Ledger-Olson

CAR: 1974 Jaguar E-Type Roadster


Ecurie Great Falls will again be entering its '74 Series 3 E-type V12 roadster, in its original colors of Dark Blue over French Blue. The car was given a bumperectomy shortly after being acquired by its current owner, so it looks like a '72. 

In the 2016 PA ABRR, which was the car's first appearance in one of these events, it took first place honors with rookie co-drivers Jeff Olson and Al Hazard at the helm, both from Great Falls, VA.  The team set a new ABRR record, raising just under $3,400 for that year's children's charity.  In 2017, apparently dissatisfied with Olson's fund-raising acumen and driving skills, Hazard entered his own RHD E-type (and checkbook) in the inaugural DC ABRR. Al won, raising over $5,500 for charity.

Olson, his self-confidence shattered by this rejection, resigned as driver of the Ecurie Great Falls entry and turned the car over to a military veteran team. 

For 2018 the car will be driven by his daughter and son-in-law

Team Qureshi

DRIVER: The Prince of Pakistan

CO-DRIVER: Stormy Daniels (invited)

CAR: 1930 Rolls Royce Raj Tiger Bagger (original bespoke Park Ward body, as later modified by Lahore Welding)

This car has been in my family since my great uncle acquired it in the early 1930s as the result of a wager with a British colonel over bagging a particular tiger. Uncle got the tiger and the car.  They both remain in my family to this day. 


After being driven into exile from my ancestral estate by an angry mob of religious fanatics in 1968, I was able to have the car (and the tiger) smuggled out of the county via the Khyber Pass, then, on a circuitous route through Sweden, to my new home in the US, where I use it regularly in my carpet cleaning business. 


I had planned to campaign the car in the usual European vintage races this year (Classic Mille Miglia, LeMans, Spa, Monaco), but opted instead to enter this much more significant event. 

Last year, I had to scratch my entry as I had to go into hiding to escape a Taliban hit squad. Otherwise I would have won the event, having raised over $11,000 for the charity. I look forward to working closely with a new co-driver.

Team Old Peculiar

DRIVER: Joe Barta


CAR: 1973 Triumph TR6

I acquired this car in 2005 and spent about six years restoring it. It was very long in the tooth and home to a few generations of mice. Powered by the original 2.5 liter straight six engine, it remains largely stock with minor drivability and safety improvements.



Team Mary Kay

DRIVER: Marcy Harris

CO-DRIVER: Jeanne Morency

CAR: 1961 MGA 1600

This MGA is painted an unusual shade called "Alamo Beige".  It is from the original MG palette and fewer than  200 cars were painted this color.  The combination of interior color and paint shade give the car a vaguely pink glow hence its name, Mary Kay.




Team 7

DRIVER: Robert Collum

CO-DRIVER: Mark Mincer

CAR: Lotus 7

Mark Mincer and I have known each other since 1970, near the end of the great British car boom.  We share a love of all things British, and count among our car histories an MG Midget, a Lotus Europa Twincam, an Elise, and the Lotus 7.  We will be driving the 7 in this year’s British Reliability Run, to benefit Our Military kids.  We will raise money for the charity, and have a good time doing it!  If you follow us too closely on the run, you may smell the ever-so-British aroma of Stilton cheese from our exhaust.  Really… it’s Stilton cheese.




Team Old Navy

DRIVER: Richard Ryan


CAR: 1970 Jaguar E-Type

We are driving a 48 year old XKE to raise money for Our Military Kids charity. Recalled for the first Gulf War, I know the impacts to family, especially the kids. OMK really helps!




Team Glorious Triumph

DRIVER: Mitch Bierl


CAR: 1975 TR6

We are driving a 1975 Triumph TR6 to raise money for Our Military Kids charity.  A veteran of four deployments overseas, and recipient of the generosity of OMK, Mitch and his family know first-hand about the difficulties of service.  Please donate to this good cause.



Team Grand Touring

DRIVER: Chuck Wray

CO-DRIVER: Christopher Wray

CAR: 1953 Jaguar XK120 FHC

Grand Touring is a father and son team consisting of Chuck and Christopher Wray.    Christopher will be resuming his role as navigator.   We thoroughly enjoyed  the 2017 ABRR and anxiously await this year’s tour.    This year we will be driving a 1953 Jaguar XK120 FHC. 



Team Over Committed

DRIVER: Shane Sonneveldt

CO-DRIVER: Stacy Ullrich

CAR: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

Due to too many other cars and hobbies we ran out of time to write a witty bio.  See you all Friday morning for coffee and directions.




Team Scalded Cat

DRIVER: Ralf Berthiez


CAR: 1990 Jaguar XJS

This car was purchased this July 2017 from it's original owner, Jaguar collector, and friend. The car was originally purchased in Memphis, TN and was immediately shipped to northern Virginia where it has resided its entire life. 


The car is a great driving car with only 93,000 original miles and was purchased specially to run in this event. Should you decide to run the tour I expect you will briefly see my headlights in your rear view mirror.




Team Alvis Brooklands

DRIVER: Jim Sprague


CAR: 1964 Alvis TE-21

Alvis made automobiles in Coventry, England from 1919 to 1967. The TE-21 model was made from 1962 to 1966 as a 2 door sedan or convertible with a total production of 352. The 3.0 litre engine produced 130 hp and 165 lbs/ feet of torque. Top speed was 106 mph. The bodies were styled by Hermann Graber and were coach-built by Park Ward.


Tony Curtis purchased this car at the 1964 Olympia show in London. It is a pleasant touring car, with a large trunk, easy to use top, and adequate power. 

Notable Alvis owners include HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.




Team Maybelline

DRIVER: Anita Sowers

CO-DRIVER: Mary Thomas

CAR: 1968 Triumph TR250

Maybelline is the sister entry of Team Mary Kay.  The teams are working together to capture the overall fund-raising title and have a little fun at the same time!


This TR250 has been modified for drivability and currently sports a supercharger, limited-slip differential and upsized torsion and sway bars.  Anita doesn’t know how fast it will go but she’s willing to find out if someone would like to come along.



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