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2021 DC BRR Teams

Team Mary Kay 
Driver: Jimmy Harris
Co-Driver: Marcy Harris
Car: 1961 MGA
This MGA is painted an unusual shade named "Alamo Beige".  It is from the original MG palette and fewer than 200 were painted this color.  The combination of interior color and paint shade give the car a vaguely pink glow hence its name, Mary Kay.


Team Old Navy

Driver:  Richard Ryan

Co-driver:  Art Locke

Car: 1970 E-Type

Old Navy is looking forward to running in his fifth consecutive ABRR. Being a 30  year Navy veteran, he understands the challenges for the children left behind when we  are away on duty.

Richard acquired this classic in 1999 after seeing it in Rome, NY during the winter.  It was a frame-off restoration accomplished by an individual and his wife over 1990-1994.  What sold him to buy the car were two comments the seller made - "I hate rust so wherever I could I used stainless steel washers, screws, etc. in the car" and "I don't drive it in the rain nor between November through April - don't want to get any salt on it."  Sold!


Team 7
Driver: Bob Collum
Co-Driver: Debra German
Car: 1965 Caterham 7
Team Seven is back for our 5th DC British Reliability Run.  We are a husband-and-wife team, and we will be sharing driving duties of our Caterham Seven.  We look forward to raising money for the DC ABRR charity, Our Military Kids, and enjoying the camaraderie of our fellow ABRR participants.  We hereby put in our request for good weather for the event!


Scalded Cat
Driver: Ralf Berthiez
Co-Driver: Rick Myllenbeck
Car: 1990 Jaguar XJS
This car was purchased in July 2017 from its original owner, Jaguar collector and friend.  The car was originally purchased in Memphis, TN and immediately shipped to Northern Virginia where it has resided all its life.  It is a great driving car with only 93,000 original miles and was purchased specially to run this event.


Over Committed
Driver: Shane Sonneveldt
Co-Driver: TBD
Car: 1952 Jaguar XK120
Due to too many other cars and hobbies I ran out of time to write a witty bio.  See you Saturday morning for coffee and directions.


Glorious Triumph
Driver: Mitch Bierl
Co-Driver: TBD
Car: 1975 TR6
We are driving a 1975 Triumph TR6 to raise money for Our Military Kids.  A veteran of four deployments overseas and recipient of the generosity of OMK, Mitch and his family know first-hand about the difficulties of service.  Please donate to this good cause.


Old Peculiar
Driver: Joe Barta
Co-Driver: TBD
Car: 1973 TR6
I acquired this car in 2005 and spent about six years restoring it.  It was very long in the tooth and home to a few generations of mice.  Powered by the original 2.5 liter straight six engine, it remains largely stock with minor drivability and safety improvements.


Ecurie Crozet
Driver: Jeff Olson
Co-Driver: TBD
Car: 1974 Jaguar E-Type
This will be the sixth BRR for Ecurie Crozet: the 2016 PA edition and 2017-2021 DC editions.  Previously run under the Ecurie Great Falls banner, the team was renamed Ecurie Crozet by virtue of its owner's move to the lovely hamlet of Crozet, Virginia.  For a sufficiently large donation to OMK, the team can be renamed Ecurie [your name here] for 2021.
With close friend Al Hazard co-driving, Ecurie Great Falls won the 2016 PA event which was the inspiration for creating the DC version.  In 2017, Hazard, driving for his own team (dubbed "Right Hand Menace" in recognition of his driving style and home market E-Type) won the inaugural DC event.  Several months later Al passed away.  The DC BRR 1st place trophy is named in his honor.  Remember, Ecurie [your name here]....because it's for the children.


Grand Touring
Driver: Chuck Wray
Co-Driver: Christopher Wray
Car: 1953 Jaguar XK120
Grand Touring is the father son team of Chuck and Christopher Wray.  They have thoroughly enjoyed previous BRR runs and are looking forward to this year's version in their 1953 XK120.

Chuck Wray 120.jpg

Driver: John Sethian
Co-Driver: Barbara Sethian
Car: 1964 Jaguar E-Type
 John and Barbara Sethian have had many adventures together since May 1973.  A lot of them have involved British Motorcars. This is their first DC British Reliability Run.

Sethian E-Type 01.jpg

Team Won
Driver: Justin Won
Co-Driver: Alexa Prat
Car: 1960 Triumph TR3A
 This is Team Won's first DC British Reliability Run.  They are looking forward to raising loads of money for the kids.


Baldy & Blondie
Driver: Jaime Steve
Co-Driver: Whitney Steve
Car: 1969 E-Type

"Baldy & Blondie" are the husband and wife team of Mr. Jaime Steve and Mrs. Whitney Steve of Unison, VA and Alexandria, VA.


We are delighted to be part of the D.C. area ABBR run and we are honored to help support military families.

We purchased our 1969 Jaguar E-type coupe about seven years ago from a shop near St. Louis, MO and drove it all the way home to Virginia. Will it make it all the way through this long distance run as well? 


Place your bets!


Two Old Men One Old Car
Driver: Dan Ehrman
Co-Driver: Cyril May
Car: 1957 Jaguar XK140 SE

Looking forward to another great DC ABRR.  My FIRST was in 2019 when I drove a series of “rentals”.  I had so much fun, that in my SECOND in 2020 I drove my NEW (to me at the time) 1957 Jaguar XK140 SE OTS.  I am back again this year but we are just TWO OLD MEN plus ONE OLD CAR equaling my THIRD ABRR; and looking to enjoy a pleasant Saturday sojourn through the beautiful Virginia countryside in hopes of raising a significant SUM for a great cause.  Please note the emphasis on numbers and support Our Military Kids with a big number … donate now.  Thanks.


Latrodectus Wedge


Driver: Stan Olownia

Co-Driver/Navigator:  Larry Mancini

Car: 1980 Triumph TR7


The Spider was bought from it’s original owner in Rockville Md. in 1998 with 28K miles. In 2015 it received both a mechanical upgrade and a cosmetic restoration.  Like most British sports cars it is most at home on the windy backroads of Md/Va countryside, and is a pleasure to drive with the top down on sunny days.  


This Black Widow has won several awards at both the Capital Triumph Register’s (CTR) British-On-The Green (Sun 9/19/21) and the Hunt Country Classic (Sun 10/10/21) events.


This year I am pleased to have a good friend & co-worker join us as my back-up driver.

2021 ABRR PhotoOlownia.jpg

Exxon Tigers 

Driver: Saman Limouee

Co-Driver/Navigator:  Anyone Crazy Enough to Do It

Car: 1970something Jaguarghini


Saman is thrilled to take the hot seat in this year's BRR.  He's been working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the only Jaguarghini in existence.  While the vehicle is not strictly British Saman thinks that this is what would have happened if the engineers at BMC had discovered psychedelics in the late sixties.

He's had a bit of trouble recruiting a co-driver since the vehicle is equipped with tandem seating and the passenger seat is directly over the exhaust manifold.  Anyone interested should give Saman a call and then go see a therapist.

lambo van.jpg

Team Lady J
DRIVER: Sherri Hanson
CAR: 1991 Jaguar XJS

I recently purchased this car in June 2020 and this is my initial foray into the vintage car world.  Lady J was kept in immaculate condition and has all maintenance records as well as the original window sticker.  I am the third owner and she has 39K miles.  I love her long sleek lines and the power of her V12 engine.  She is joy to drive and truly a grand touring vehicle! 
I have spent almost my entire career working in the Dept of Defense and supporting our Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines.  I am extremely excited to raise money that will support the children of deployed active duty members through Our Military Kids.  

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