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Team Old Navy

DRIVER: Richard Ryan

CO-DRIVER: Art Locke

CAR: 1970 Jaguar E-Type

Richard acquired this classic in 1999 after seeing it in Rome, NY during the winter. It was a frame off restoration accomplished by and individual and his wife over 1990-1994. What sold me to buy the car were two comments that he made- “I hate rust so wherever I could I used stainless steel nuts, bolts, screws, washers, the car” and “I don’t’ drive it  in the rain nor between November through April- don’t want to get any road salt on it”. Sold!


Faster Than You Think


DRIVER: Jimmy Harris


CAR: 1958 TR3A


This car may look like a glorified go-kart but it will go like stink!


Jimmy and his co-driver are out to claim the OMK fundraising award for 2020 so donate generously!



Team 7


DRIVER: Bob Collum

CO-DRIVER: Debra German

CAR: 1965 Caterham 7


Team 7 is back for our fourth ABRR, again driving our Caterham 7.  We bought our Seven back in 2015, and have been enjoying the open-air driving nirvana… except when it rains.

We (husband-and-wife team Debbie German and Bob Collum) look forward to raising money for ABRR’s fine charity, Our Military Kids.

Please join us!  We look forward to sunny skies,  great roads and fine company.



Scalded Cat


DRIVER: Ralf Berthiez

CO-DRIVER: Rick Myllenbeck

CAR: 1990 Jaguar XJS


This car was purchased in July 2017 from it's original owner, Jaguar collector, and friend. The car was originally purchased in Memphis, TN and was immediately shipped to northern Virginia where it has resided its entire life.  The car is a great driving car with only 93,000 original miles and was purchased specially to run in this event. 



Over Committed


DRIVER: Shane Sonneveldt


CAR: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

Due to too many other cars and hobbies I ran out of time to write a witty bio.  See you all Saturday morning for coffee and directions.




Glorious Triumph


DRIVER: Mitch Beirl


CAR: 1975 TR6

We are driving a 1975 Triumph TR6 to raise money for Our Military Kids charity.  A veteran of four deployments overseas, and recipient of the generosity of OMK, Mitch and his family know first-hand about the difficulties of service.  Please donate to this good cause.




The Flying Rose


DRIVER: Mark Cuppernull

CO-DRIVER: Scott Baxter

CAR: 1956 XK140




Old Peculiar


DRIVER: Joe Barta


CAR: 1973 TR6

I acquired this car in 2005 and spent about six years restoring it. It was very long in the tooth and home to a few generations of mice. Powered by the original 2.5 liter straight six engine, it remains largely stock with minor drivability and safety improvements.


Chuck Wray 120.jpg

Grand Touring


DRIVER: Chuck Wray

CO-DRIVER: Christopher Wray

CAR: 1953 XK120

Grand Touring is a father and son team consisting of Chuck and Christopher Wray.    Christopher will be resuming his role as navigator.   We thoroughly enjoyed  our previous  ABRR experiences and anxiously await this year’s tour.    This year we will be driving a 1953 Jaguar XK120 FHC. 




Little Nellie


DRIVER: Eula Bond

CO-DRIVER: Jock Bond, Shauna Bond, Cameron Bond

CAR: London Taxi

This will be Little Nellie's chance to let her horses run ...OK, trot...actually mosey may be a more accurate description! With much admiration for the fancy ladies, Little Nellie will defend her honor, move at a dignified pace and arrive fashionably late. We are looking forward to a fun weekend enjoying the beautiful countryside, exquisite cars and raising money for Our Military Kids. 




Ecurie Crozet


DRIVER: Jeff Olson

CO-DRIVER: Cohiba Laphroaig

CAR: 1974 Jaguar E-Type

This will be the 5th ABRR for Ecurie Crozet:  the 2016 PA edition and the 2017-20 DC editions. 

Previously running under the Ecurie Great Falls banner, this year the team was renamed Ecurie Crozet by virtue of it it's move south from Great Falls to Crozet, VA. For a sufficiently large donation to OMK, the team can be renamed Ecurie [Your Name Here] for 2020.  

With close friend Al Hazard co-driving, Ecurie Great Falls won the 2016 PA event, which was the inspiration for creating the DC-area version.  In 2017, Hazard, driving for his own team (dubbed "Right-Hand Menace" in recognition of his driving style and home-market E-type), won the inaugural DC event.  Several months later, Al passed away. The DC ABRR 1st Place trophy is named in his honor. 

Remember:  Ecurie [Your Name Here]. Because it's for the children. 


Baldie & Blondie


DRIVER: Jaime Steve

CO-DRIVER: Whitney Steve

CAR: 1969 Jaguar E-Type

"Baldy and Blondie" are the husband and wife team of Mr. Jaime Steve and Mrs. Whitney Steve of Unison, VA and Alexandria, VA.


We are delighted to be part of the D.C. area ABBR run and we are honored to help support military families.

We purchased our 1969 Jaguar E-type coupe about seven years ago from a shop near St. Louis, MO and drove it all the way home to Virginia. Will it make it all the way through this long distance run as well? 


Place your bets!


Team Tiger


DRIVER: Joe Parlanti

CO-DRIVER: Jackie Parlanti

CAR: 1966 Sunbeam Tiger




Team Lady J


DRIVER: Sherri Hanson

CO-DRIVER: Kerry Mengelkoch

CAR: 1991 Jaguar XJS

I recently purchased this car in June 2020 and this is my initial foray into the vintage car world.  Lady J was kept in immaculate condition and has all maintenance records as well as the original window sticker.  I am the third owner and she has 39K miles.  I love her long sleek lines and the power of her V12 engine.  She is joy to drive and truly a grand touring vehicle! 


I have spent almost my entire career working in the Dept of Defense and supporting our Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors and Marines.  I am extremely excited to raise money that will support the children of deployed active duty members through Our Military Kids.  My co-driver is a Marine reservist so we are taking on the challenge of breaking the current fund-raising record!


MOWOG Motorsports


DRIVER: Tim Risinger

CO-DRIVER: Pete Schumann

CAR: 1959 MGA




Code Blue


DRIVER: Michael Maloney

CO-DRIVER: Rosemary Kresslein

CAR: Austin Healey 3000



This Year I Own It


DRIVER: Dan Ehrman

CO-DRIVER: John Habeck

CAR: 1957 Jaguar XK120MC

2019 was my first ABRR.  I drove a "rental" which I won the right to at an auction benefiting Our Military Kids.  I had such a great time that I am back this year in my own car.  It was going to be my 32 years owned MGA 1600 which is the perfect example of a "driver".  But one thing led to another and I am hoping to drive this new toy.   



Mary Kay


DRIVER: Marcy Harris

CO-DRIVER: Meredith Harris

CAR: 1961 MGA

This MGA is painted an unusual shade called "Alamo Beige".  It is from the original MG palette and fewer than  200 cars were painted this color.  The combination of interior color and paint shade give the car a vaguely pink glow hence its name, Mary Kay.




Team Sledgehammer


DRIVER: Bob Williams

CO-DRIVER: Kim Williams

CAR: 1958 Lister

Team Sledgehammer, Bob & Kim Williams, makes its debut in the 2020 ABRR with their home fabricated recreation of the 1958 Lister.  Combining classic British roadster style with good old Yankee brute force engineering, driving a ’58 Lister is less like touring in a refined British sports car and more like riding the business end of a pile-driver!


Representing the less-than-subtle side of British racing history, Bob & Kim in their Lister look forward to raising money for Our Military Kids and meeting fellow British car enthusiasts. 


So, if refinement and subtlety is not your thing, please show Team Sledghammer support though your generous donation to Our Military Kids.  Thank you and listen for us on the 17th… you will hear us long before you see us!


Bell E-type after.JPG

Can O' Peas

DRIVER: Ken Bell

NAVIGATOR: Susan Bell, Anne Bell

CAR: 1971 Jaguar E-Type FHC

Ken acquired the car in 1976 while in the Army.  It was used regularly until increasingly frequent “period-correct” mechanical troubles eventually sent it to the garage where it gathered dust for fifteen years.   A ten year odyssey of mechanical renovation began in 2005.  Since then it has proven to be totally reliable during periodic episodes of hard use.  This will be its first outing for a multi-day reliability test.  Continued good behavior may well lead to a nice reward of body work and new paint.

Latrodectus Wedge

DRIVER: Stan Olownia

NAVIGATOR: Anne Olownia

CAR: 1980 Triumph TR7

The Spider was bought from the original owner in 1998 in fair condition with 28K miles. In 2015 it received both a mechanical upgrade and a cosmetic restoration.  Like most British sports cars it is most at home on the windy backroads of Md & VA, and is a pleasure to drive with the top down on sunny days.


This beautiful TR7 received Best in Class, Second place at 2017 British On the Green (BOG), First place BIC at 2018 & 2019 BOGs, & First place BIC at Hunt Country Classic.

TR-7 Latrodectus Wedge.jpg

Miles 4 #MilKids

DRIVER: Kara Dallman

NAVIGATOR: Pete Dallman

CAR: 1968 TR250


Team Miles 4 #MilKids is entering the DC British Reliability Run for the first time this year in a TR250 generously loaned to us by Jimmy Harris. Pete and I are both retired Navy Veterans, and I am honored to be the Executive Director of Our Military Kids. Our board and staff could not be more grateful to be the beneficiary of this outstanding event!


Stray Cat

DRIVER: Lyle Farmer


CAR: 1971 E-Type

Primrose and I are delighted to be involved in such a worthwhile event and cause! Please take a moment to donate any sum - really important stuff.  

On another note - "British Reliability" is sometimes elusive - Team Stray Cat has duct tape, oil, spanners and rabbits foot (fake) aboard - plus 2 reserve batteries for the Iphone! Please wish us good luck and thank you!


Blood Type-E

DRIVER: Doug Dowling

NAVIGATOR: Wes Dowling

CAR: 1963 E-Type

This car was purchased from Oregon, sight-unseen on eBay, 18 years ago.  Engine rebuild performed by Crow Engineering in my own driveway in 2008.  

Blood Type-E is comprised of Doug Dowling and brother Wesley, who have enjoyed autocross and other track events together, with Wes logging the faster times. They team up here to help benefit a worthy charitable cause and more importantly to ensure that the E is kept separate from immovable objects.


Snow Cat

DRIVER: Andrew Lundquist

NAVIGATOR: Maryellen Lundquist

CAR: 1950 Jaguar XK120

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