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Team Ecurie Great Falls


DRIVER: Maj. Mitch Bierl

CO-DRIVER: Walter Newcomer

CAR: 1974 Jaguar E-Type Roadster


Ecurie Great Falls will again be entering its '74 Series 3 E-type V12 roadster, in its original colors of Dark Blue over French Blue. The car was given a bumperectomy shortly after being acquired by its current owner, so it looks like a '72.  

In last year's PA ABRR, which was the car's first appearance in one of these events, it took first place honors with rookie co-drivers Jeff Olson and Al Hazard at the helm, both from Great Falls, VA.  The team set a new ABRR record, raising just under $3,400 for last year's children's charity.  This year, apparently dissatisfied with Olson's fund-raising acumen and driving skills, Hazard is entering his own RHD E-type (and checkbook) in this inaugural DC ABRR. 

Olson, his self-confidence shattered by this rejection, has resigned as driver of the Ecurie Great Falls entry and asked Our Military Kids to select a team of Veteran drivers for the event. 

Classic Team Lost


DRIVER: Bob Collum

CO-DRIVER: Debbie German

CAR: 1965 Caterham Seven

My wife Debbie German and I are the third owners of this Caterham Seven. In classic BRG and aluminium, it's the car I've wanted for a very long time. A prior owner outfitted the car with smaller-than-normal, motorcycle-sourced headlights. Together with the standard, upright windshield, this yields a top-end speed well into double digits. During the October event, we may well have to use the (optional) heater with fan on this baby - luxury!


We have been into British cars for quite some time. I owned a 1972 Lotus Europa for 21 years and a bit over 100,000 miles.  We bought our 2007 Lotus Elise new, and have over 30,000 miles on it. We look forward to the inaugural DC ABRR, and collecting money for OMK!


Team Baldie and Blondie


DRIVER: Jaime Steve

CO-DRIVER: Whitney Steve

CAR: 1969 Jaguar E-Type coupe (FHC), Series II


"Baldy and Blondie" are the husband and wife team of Mr. Jaime Steve and Mrs. Whitney Steve of Unison, VA and Alexandria, VA.


We are delighted to be part of the inaugural D.C. area ABBR run and we are honored to help support military families.

We purchased our 1969 Jaguar E-type coupe about seven years ago from a shop near St. Louis, MO and drove it all the way home to Virginia. Will it make it all the way through this long distance run as well? 


Place your bets!


Team Toaster Oven


DRIVER: Philip Hildreth

CO-DRIVER: Deirdre Maull

CAR: 1967 Jaguar XKE 4.2 FHC

I have been driving Dawn Patrol since DP1 and have enjoyed owning the Toaster Oven since 1995. My other classic is a 1973 MG Midget that I bought as my first car in 1984.  


We have lived in Great Falls since 2002 and enjoy the small town feel. My kids and I also perform music as Ukulele Phil & The Hula Kids!  We released our first CD, Back to My Little Grass Shack, in March!

In addition to Deirdre, Team Toaster Oven will be co-driven by my children, Julia Hildreth and Nathaniel Hildreth.




Team Right Hand Menace

DRIVER: Al Hazard

CO-DRIVER: Serge Khoury

CAR: 1968 Jaguar 1.5 XKE

To spite the trash talk by Mr. Olson, this is a fine restored specimen of a right hand drive series 1.5 E Type. Purchased in The UK in 2002, it has been carefully looked after ever since.

With a more classic color, a smooth running 4.2 liter classic engine, this ride, as well as the fund raising, should far surpass last year.




Team Rock n Rolls

DRIVER: Stan Corey

CO-DRIVER: Eric Zausner

CAR: 1988 Rolls Royce Corniche


1988 RR Corniche II purchased from collector in FL. Originally sold in NJ to couple in Philadelphia, PA where it remained for about 20 years before going to individual in FL. It stayed in Palm Beach until I purchased it in 2015 with 38,400 miles showing on the odometer. This will be my first long run adventure with it as I have only taken it on a road trip once for about 150 miles.



Team Old Peculiar

DRIVER: Joe Barta


CAR: 1973 Triumph TR6

I acquired this car in 2005 and spent about six years restoring it. It was very long in the tooth and home to a few generations of mice. Powered by the original 2.5 liter straight six engine, it remains largely stock with minor drivability and safety improvements.




Team All Who Wander Are Not Lost

DRIVER: Dave Kinney

CO-DRIVER: Stella Koch

CAR: 1985 Bentley Continental Convertible

We have owned this Bentley Continental for ten years. It's brown, but not as brown as it used to be, it was a child of the 1980's when monochrome or "dipped" colors were all the rage. Even the bumper inserts were once brown, to match everything else on the car. The car has a new interior in tan, much less brown-like than the original chocolate brown. 

From the mid-1960's onward, the Bentley nameplate was a tough sell before the revival that came with the introduction of the Turbo R. As such, 5,154 Rolls Royce Corniche cars were built between 1971 and 1985, while only 498 Bentley Corniche/Continental cars were built in the same timespan. So it's kind of rare as well.


Team Grand Touring

DRIVER: Chuck Wray

CO-DRIVER: Christopher Wray

CAR: Jaguar XK120 FHC

Chuck and Christopher Wray, father son team look forward to enjoying our fully restored XK120 FHC. Our XK120 spent all of it's life in California until coming to Virginia 5 years ago. Since receiving a nut an bolt restoration it has primarily been a show car. We look forward to motoring with it this year on the DC-ABRR.



Team Dragonfly

DRIVER: James Harris

CO-DRIVER: Marcy Harris

CAR: 1960 AC Greyhound

Jimmy and Marcy Harris have participated in a number of rallies and are looking forward to the inaugural ABRR run. The routes are excellent and there will be plenty of diversions to explore along the way.

The 1960 AC Greyhound we're driving will be on its first long distance rally after being retired as a show car.  This is one of eighty-three AC Greyhounds produced between 1959 and 1963.  It has hand built aluminum coachwork and is powered by a Bristol 100D2 engine.  It was the first Greyhound sold to a customer.  The car was painstakingly returned to its original specification in a three year restoration which was completed in April 2016. 


Team Gassman Automotive

DRIVER: Mike Gassman

CO-DRIVER: Glinda Gassman

CAR: 1965 Triumph TR4

We will be bringing our 1965 Triumph TR4. This car was sold new in Richmond, VA and I purchased from the original owner. Never wrecked, and zero rust. All matching numbers. Gassman Automotive performed a frame off, nut/bolt restoration two years ago preparing the car to run such rallies as this.


I have collected Triumph period racing parts for many years, and this car is equipped with quite a few. To name a few: an aluminum Surrey top, Alfin sump, Alfin valve cover, aluminum flywheel, roller rockers, 288 cam, headers, ported and polished, 9.75:1 compression, lowered 2”, performance brakes, poly bushings, TR6 uprights, uprated overdrive transmission, but finished interior and exterior as an original TR4. Fast, reliable, comfortable car.


Team MGC&E

DRIVER: Chris Hannes


CAR: 1969 MGC-GT

My name is Chris, I am the pilot for Team MGCandE which is supported by a three owner all original 1969 MGC GT purchased with just 30,00 miles on it. Lovingly restored to be 100% roadworthy and then driven another 36,000 miles these past 12 years around northern and central California making its home in Carmel for a few years with Big Sur and South Coast being my Sunday morning drive destination. The car and I now live in West Point Virginia, this is my first ABRR and I look forward to a great drive supporting an awesome charity.




Team Old Navy

DRIVER: Richard Ryan

CO-DRIVER: Darrell Gaebel

CAR: 1970 Jaguar XKE FHC

Ryan purchased this 1970 E type in March of 1999 from a person in Rome, NY who had  patiently done a frame off restoration between 1990 and 1994. This restoration was so well done that I did not need any mechanical or other work done on the car for the first 12 years that I owned it! I just drove it and washed it.

I drive the car in good weather and made a dramatic handling change several years ago when I simply changed the tires from the original design Dunlop 2 ply bias steel belted radials to modern and larger all season Michelin radials. What a  positive difference in handling. I should have done that on day one instead of holding on to the original style. Live and learn.

We are really looking forward to participating in the first DC ABRR and supporting this wonderful charity of Our Military Kids. Anchors Away.


Team Wood Motorsports

DRIVER: Donald Wood

CO-DRIVER: Phil Lowitt

CAR: 1964 Jaguar E-Type S1 3.8 FHC

The car was beautifully rotisserie restored in 2007 and 2008 by Jaguar Central of California from a rust free example with 70,000 original miles, all matching numbers and is red with black leather interior. The restoration met exacting JCNA standards with correct hardware, wires and all new exhaust. 


I bought this car in 2009 and was determined to get it right for dependable daily driving and touring. It now has nearly 80,000 miles on it and is no longer perfect (though it still looks damn good :) ), but is an extremely dependable driver and strong performer. This car continues to delight and amaze me in that it was 20 years ahead of its time in so many ways. At a time when most cars had drum brakes, live rear axles and mediocre performance, this amazing machine was engineered with disc brakes, rack and pinion steering, independent front and rear suspension, and monocoque construction--- all wrapped in a stunningly beautiful design. Yup, I like the fixed head coupe far more than the convertible, and the early Series 1's were just plain raw sports cars.



Team Shenandoah Valley

British Car Club

DRIVER: Kenneth H. Brasfield

CO-DRIVER: Mahlon Webb

CAR: 1969 MGC-GT

Ken is a pharmacist. He has a BS degree in pharmacy and a Doctor of Pharmacy degree specializing in psychiatric pharmacy. 

Mahlon Webb is retired after a 30+ career as an Occupational Therapist. He is an avid long distance bicyclist and promoter and planner for bicycle tours in the Shenandoah Valley. In addition Ken and Mahlon have been neighbors for 29 years.

Mahlon is Ken's tried and true long distance navigator from multiple 1000mile 24 hour endurance rallies located in St. Louis, MO and Grand Rapids, MI. They are veterans of many vintage automobile trips to Watkins Glen for the Vintage Grand Prix.They are driving one of 4000 MCG-GTs made. This one has undergone a complete rotisserie restoration completed in 2009 by Gassman Automotive of Waynesboro, VA.



Team Speed Chimp!

DRIVER: John Solit

CO-DRIVER: Chris Agrawal

CAR: 1956 Austin-Healey 100m (Factory m)

Go into the forest and find two chimps. Teach them to walk like people, talk like people, eat like people, and wear clothes like people. Send those two chimps to college. When they’re done, show them how to find jobs, how to buy homes, and how to run businesses. Help them start families, lead communities, and become free thinkers.


After you've succeeded, ask yourself, “Are these men; rational, complex beings capable of thought and emotion? Or are they chimps, wild and stupid?" If it isn’t clear, hand them the keys to a rare vintage British roadster and ask them to drive it. You'll have your answer soon enough.


Team 3Pete

DRIVER: Peter Cosmides


CAR: 1991 Jaguar XJS Coupe


This is my 6th year of participation in the ABRR event, with all prior years having been in the PA group. This year I plan to run all 3 ABRR events starting with the NH Run in my MG-1100, then the PA event in my MGB-GT V8 and wrap up the driving season down here in the VA/MD run in my Jaguar XJS.  I have also been a supporter/sponsor of the event by providing the event hats for all participants. Lets hope the sun shines down on us and we need those hats for shade!

Team Cream of the Crap!

DRIVER: Major the Hon. John Wickham Gascoyne Beresford Steed MC, OM (AKA Ian Landy)

CO-DRIVER: Ret. Col. Kurt Hackmeier (AKA Terry Thomas

CAR: 1929 4.5 LTR Bentley with Vanden Plas Tourer Coachwork

An original bodied VDP Tourer, only two owners in the last 70 years. Highest placed Bentley at the 2006 Classic LeMans (Mark Knopfler came last in an Invicta S).

Participated in 2 Mille Miglia.

Team Viking Lander

DRIVER: David Geanacopoulos

CO-DRIVER: Peter Kravitz

CAR: 1961 Rover 100 Saloon

A highly original, 22,000 mile Rover 100, first sold in the UK; imported to California in '77; exported to Ontario in '84, and then reimported to Virginia by current owner in 2001. This Rover appeared in a little-watched, made-for-TV movie, "The Pilot's Wife" (2002).  Should have had an Oscar nomination for "best used car prop." This is the penultimate edition of the P4 Rover, which was built in various forms from 1950 to 1964, when the Rover 110 finished off the range and made way for the new P6 2000 and eventually 3500.  Despite the sedate pace, RHD assures unwanted thrills for front seat passenger.  Room for 2 more in back.

Team Pointblank

DRIVER: Ben Levi


CAR: 1967 Jaguar E-Type S1 2+2

In the spirit of past British/American cooperation in the aid of the military, Team Pointblank is honored to enter a highly original, 1967 Jaguar E-Type S1 2+2  for participation in this year's event.  Although a solid driver when acquired by the third (and current) owner in 2013, this car's reliability has been enhanced through detailed maintenance and upkeep and it has regularly participated in the last several DPs.


Now wishing that his boasting of the car's reliability won't jinx him, the driver looks forward to participating for as much of the event as possible.


Team Mini Woodie

DRIVER: Peter Garahan


CAR: 1966 Austin Mini Countryman

I had a firm in England locate a donor car and perform a complete restoration with modifications in 1999. The modifications included an upgrade to the 1275 engine with twin SU carbs. A later front clip was
incorporated to provide roll-up windows and internal door hinges as well as
a later dash. We also installed a new leather interior with high back seats
and three-point seat belts. 
The exterior wood was modified to have flared wheel arches in the rear to match the steel flares in the front. 13-inch Minilite wheels replaced the original 10-inch ones.
The roof was done in cream during the restoration to match the mirrors.


After 9/11 I had the roof redone with the American Flag. The Morris version of this car was called the Traveler. They were the same except for the badging and both the Austin and the Morris came in steel
bodies or with wood trim. My wife and I have enjoyed the Mini for all these years. It has won a number of awards at British car shows and is a delight to drive. The Mini was one of around ten cars that were in attendance for the first Cars and Coffee at
Katie's in Great Falls.

Team Qureshi

DRIVER: The Prince of Pakistan

CO-DRIVER: Michelle Wie (invited)

CAR: 1930 Rolls Royce Raj Tiger Bagger (original bespoke Park Ward body, as later modified by Lahore Welding)

This car has been in my family since my great uncle acquired it in the early 1930s as the result of a wager with a British colonel over bagging a particular tiger. Uncle got the tiger and the car.  They both remain in my family to this day. 


After being driven into exile from my ancestral estate by an angry mob of religious fanatics in 1968, I was able to have the car (and the tiger) smuggled out of the county via the Khyber Pass, then, on a circuitous route through Sweden, to my new home in the US, where I use it regularly in my carpet cleaning business. 


I had planned to campaign the car in the usual European vintage races this year (Classic Mille Miglia, LeMans, Spa, Monaco), but opted instead to enter this much more significant event. 

Team Jaguar on Assignment

DRIVER: Ralf Berthiez

CO-DRIVER: Russell Glace

CAR: 1990 Jaguar XJS

This car was purchased this July from it's original owner, Jaguar collector, and friend. The car was originally purchased in Memphis, TN and was immediately shipped to northern Virginia where it has resided its entire life.


The car is a great driving car with only 93,000 original miles and was purchased specially to run in this event. Should you decide to run the tour I expect you will briefly see my headlights in your rear view mirror.

Team Intrepid

DRIVER: William Lightfoot

CO-DRIVER: Chuck Taylor

CAR: 1958 Jaguar XK 150S Roadster

The current owner was fortunate enough to be present when his father, William F. Lightfoot, bought this car from Auto Engineering, in Lexington, Massachusetts, in July of 1958. The car is entirely original, except for a repaint in the original color and paint type. It has traveled 33,563 miles from new and aside from routine tuning, no repairs have ever been performed to the drive train. 


The XK 150 was one of the world’s first production cars to feature four-wheel disc brakes. The “S” model sported three carburetors, a straight ported head, twin fuel pumps and other performance enhancements. The 3.4 liter XK 150S could exceed 130 MPH. As an early “S” model, this car has no “S” emblems on the doors. The engine head, which as never been removed from the engine, still has the original, and proper, pumpkin colored, “Old Gold” paint used on the “S” model engines.

Team Alvis-Brooklands

DRIVER: James Sprague

CO-DRIVER: Alexandra Gerry

CAR: 1964 Alvis TE-21

Alvis made automobiles in Coventry, England from 1919 to 1967. The TE-21 model was made from 1962 to 1966 as a 2 door sedan or convertible with a total production of 352. The 3.0 litre engine produced 130 hp and 165 lbs/ feet of torque. Top speed was 106 mph. The bodies were styled by Hermann Graber and were coach-built by Park Ward.

Tony Curtis purchased this car at the 1964 Olympia show in London. It is a pleasant touring car, with a large trunk, easy to use top, and adequate power. 

Notable Alvis owners include HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Team Short Circuit

DRIVER: Dan Black

CO-DRIVER: Duncan Black

CAR: 1995 Jaguar XJS

My 1995 Jaguar XJS convertible was purchased from a collector in Florida a couple of years ago. It is a low mileage well cared for example of a comfortable grand touring car, capable of sustained high speeds with demonstrated reliability.


My son Duncan and I are looking forward to participating in the reliability run with the other British auto enthusiasts. I also own a 1994 XJS coupe and a 1999 XJR sedan all of which I have enjoyed and displayed at various British car shows over the years.


Team Snow Tiger

DRIVER: Andrew Lundquist


CAR: 1967 Sunbeam Tiger

My brother located this car in Fairbanks, Alaska soon after he and his family visited us in Great Falls and I told him I wanted to acquire a Tiger.  After test driving it said it was a "jewel" and make up your mind in a hurry "because I already committed to it and if you don't want it I do.  But I'll give you first dibs."  Needless to say, I bought it and went to Fairbanks and drove it for a couple of weeks and then shipped it to Great Falls.  


This Tiger was originally  in California where it had a full restoration of a very solid car.  Prior to me, it was owned by the head of the mechanic shop for the Ford dealer in Fairbanks.  It is very original and unmolested -- unusual for Sunbeam Tigers -- with numbers matching Ford 260 V8 motor and Toploader 4-speed transmission.  The only thing not stock is the Panasport wheels but I have the original "pie-cutter" mags with the valuable Tiger medallions.  One of my favorite cars to drive -- comfortable and quick.

Team Mid Atlantic

DRIVER: Bill Marshall

CO-DRIVER: Charlie Adams

CAR: 1957 MGA 1500 Roadster

This will be the first ABRR for Team Mid Atlantic, but both Charlie Adams and I are veterans of long distance travel in MGAs through our participation in national NAMGAR GT events.  My wife Karen and I completed the MG Rallye to Reno event – going coast to coast from Ocean City Maryland to San Francisco California in 2011 as well as freshly returning from the Ocean to Ocean Virginia Beach to Solvang California held in June 2017.  Charlie is an excellent British car ‘gentleman’s mechanic’ and I excel at holding flashlights so fingers crossed the MGA will treat us well. 


We come for the adventure and comradery of fellow vintage British car enthusiasts and are excited about participating this year.


Team Dominator

DRIVER: Dominick Infante

CO-DRIVER: James Tate

CAR: 1960 Austin Healey 3000

As the owner of the other Austin Healey in this rally pointed out, these brutish
British roadsters certainly require a more Simian type of owner. And co-driver for
that matter. I have only owned this 1960 MK I Healey 3000 for 10 months and have
never driven it more than 20 miles in one stretch, and this is our first ever rally as
either teammates or participants. But as they say, we got this, so look for us in the
winner’s circle.

Both driver and co-driver are veterans of the auto industry and drawn to bizarre old
cars and their histories. We talk cars better than we drive them, so look for us in the
bar. Cheers and Tally-ho.

Team Bad to the Bone

DRIVER: Richard Freedman

CO-DRIVER: Carolyn Graves

CAR: 1959 MGA

This car is like my first born. She went to Duke and so the color scheme of this car follows that. It has an 1800 engine, supercharged, 5 speed tranny, air cooled brakes and a wonderful sound. She's been babied for over 20 years.


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